Mango green machine smoothie:  frozen mangos, banana, spinach, almond milk, splash of maple- YUM!

Mango green machine smoothie: frozen mangos, banana, spinach, almond milk, splash of maple- YUM!

  • Smoothies vs. Juices

    I get asked a lot about the difference between a juice and a smoothie and which one is better. Sometimes people don’t even know that there is a difference at all (hey, they’re both green liquid, right?).  Well there is, and the answer is-

    They are both good for you if you are packing them full of nutrient rich, whole foods.  You can boost your well-being by adding either or both to your daily routine.

    A “Smoothie” contains whole food that is blended into a drink using the entire veggie or fruit, except for the skin and seed (of some fruits). The benefit of smoothies is you get all the fiber and all of the nutrients, because nothing is thrown away. You need a basic blender to make a smoothie but a high-powered blender (like a Vitamix) works amazing. Smoothies will make you feel full and give you energy, and the fiber is great for colon health. The fiber in smoothies can absorb toxins in your gut and help drag them out.  Be sure to pack you smoothies with greens and opt for a non-dairy milk.  Try adding chia seeds, a green powder, maca, acai powder or other superfoods for an extra boost.

    “Juice” contains only the juice that is extracted from the fruit or vegetable. You need a juicer to do this. A juicer extracts the juice and the rest of the fruit/veggie pulp (the part that contains fiber) is separated out.

    When juicing you literally flood your cells with nutrients and there is little work to no work on behalf of your digestive system because there is no fiber.  Juice is a great and easy way to pack in veggies and beneficial nutrients that would take you much longer to chew. And just to be clear, we’re talking about fresh squeezed vegetable juice (with a little fruit to sweeten) not bottled juice that is pasteurized and made from fruit concentrates.

    • To get the most from juicing use the freshest most vibrant organic produce you can find.
    • Fruit and carrot juices should be used more sparingly because even though they are natural sugars, they can still bring these sugars rapidly to the bloodstream and can create an imbalance.
    • Juice is great for detox, healing and cleansing (fasting should be undertaken with proper guidance)
    • Consumption of fresh juice is recommended daily in addition to a fiber-rich, plant-based diet.

    Both smoothies and juices can have a cleansing effect (same with eating clean food) it’s just the difference of how fast the cleansing takes place.  A nutrient packed juice does not contain fiber, therefore the digestive system is at rest and energy is more freed up to go to work cleaning up toxins (instead of busy digesting).  That is why a juice cleanse delivers faster cleansing results.  So it’s all up to you on how much and how fast you want to detox.  Bottom line: eat more greens and nutrients and your health will thank you!

    So in a nutshell: Juices are made with juicers and smoothies are made with blenders.  Fiber in drink=smoothie.  Fiber out of drink=juice

    Hope that helps!  Please leave a comment if you have any questions.


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