Tailored to You

Are you as tired of fad diets as I am, and looking for some longer lasting results?

Is your body feeling like it needs a good kickstart and it’s time to hit the reset button?

Are you looking to showcase health to your employees or larger group in an event or retreat setting?

Let me support you in answering all these questions. I am here to support your cleansing, coaching and health event needs. With years of experience and a passion for personalizing programs for individuals and groups, we can tailor a program or support structure to make your health and wellness priority.

Its time to get glowing and take that next step to health! I am continuously inspired about sharing with my clients the steps to make embracing a healthy lifestyle fit for YOU, through education, support, inspiration and of course fun!

Feel free to browse the services, and share with me how I can support you, and your personal journey through Nourish and Balance.


Are you ready to take your health to the next level and add some clarity and balance to your life? It’s time to feel alive and energized by giving your digestive system a rest and start flooding it with liquid vitality! It’s time to clear out the old toxins that are making you feel tired, sluggish or helping you hang on to those unwanted pounds, and add in the nutrients that will help you lighten up, detox and renew. It is essential that we take the time to listen to our body and cleanse a couple times per year. Just like changing the oil in a car, we also need a tune up. From juice cleansing, to light raw food detox, I offer support for individuals and groups in guising you step by step in a program that can work for you. Can’t decide whether to jump into a 1, 3 or 5 day cleanse? Check out my juicing page for details, or contact me for more information.

Coaching Services

We all need a little bit of support at times, especially when it comes to the unchartered waters of diving into a healthy lifestyle, cleansing or holding that health inspired event. From individuals to groups, let me assists you in meeting your goals.

For individual coaching: we will work together to meet those health goals with one on one disucssions to personalize a program that will work for YOU and achieve those personal health goals. Together we will implement menu plans, and essential tools into your daily routine for lasting changes with Nourish and Balance.

For group coaching: camaraderie is one of the greatest assets of cleansing with a group. Let me guide a cleanse with your group, with daily support of emails, conference calls and essential tools to support your program. Check out our next group cleanse here, or contact me for more information and tailoring a program that works for you, or a group.

Retreats and Corporate Events

For that next company event, why not make it a lasting one with health and wellness being the focus? With years of experience in corporate health retreats and events I have witnessed first hand the potency of when an employer offers retreats and events focused on the wellness of their employees company moral, productivity and trust your employees have for their workplace amplifies. From small to large groups, and team builds to retreats, contact me for more information about how we can customize an weekend event, or health retreat for your organization.

Spa Consultation

Want to take your spa to the next level into a detox oasis? Has your clientele been inquiring about detox programs, healthier menus, or further cleansing support? Let me guide you with my team of experts and colleagues help you achieve this market demand that will be sure to elevate your spa offerings and in turn build trust and loyalty with your customers. Contact me for more information, or an initial consultation.

Interested in culinary coaching, kitchen support, events, or any other coaching services I missed? Be sure to give a shout and contact me, I would love to hear from you!