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The only hesitation I had about doing a juice cleanse was the fear of going through the detox part of it and how it would affect my ability to function at work and be around other people.  The coaching/advising was essential because I did not know what to expect and when things occurred that I did not understand, Malissa was able to explain. Also, the content on preparation of the juice fast was critical, and was instrumental in my success. Besides the tremendous weight loss (24 pounds over 15 days – all of which I have kept off since Aug 2011), I experienced increased energy and confidence.  In addition, what Malissa’s juice fast did for me was create a “gateway” into a more veg and fruit oriented diet. After going through her juice fast, I established a much greater desire and taste for vegetables. Additionally, I was able to lose and keep off another ten pounds!
Everyone needs to have a coach guide them through this pre, during and post juice fast and Malissa is great about providing the essential coaching and preparation content.

Jeff R., Avon CT.


I definitely rode the healthy good feeling vibe a long time after the cleanse. The biggest take away was just being aware of what affect certain foods and drinks had on my physical and mental state. Originally I had a lot of worries, thinking I was not strong enough to do it and being worried I would go crazy or that I would not be prepared enough. I was worried that I would be weak and have no energy. I was worried about all the things! But, once my body adjusted I felt great. I had more energy and I felt very mentally sharp. Weening off coffee was hard! I had a bad headache the 1st few days but work through it.  I lost 5 pounds, my nails changed-they looked and felt way healthier. My skin kind of broke out from all the toxins leaving my body and I did have some problems with constipation but thanks to Malissa’s support, that worked itself out. The support and details of the cleansing documents were great.  Malissa’s daily emails kept me in check. It’s amazing how motivated one can get when you have someone you are reporting back to! It helped me a lot. Mostly, I think I’ve benefited from the confidence I gained from actually doing it! It made me realize I don’t need to chew and ingest nearly what I think I need to survive. It made me more aware of how I felt after eating certain foods that don’t agree with me (dairy, sugar, some bread) and I have made some food changes.
I would absolutely recommend doing a juice cleanse with Malissa. She is kind, empathic, helpful and motivating. She answered all of my questions and put me at ease many times.   Big giant THANK YOU! You rule.

Tamara G., Austin TX.


I was really nervous that I was going to feel very hungry on the cleanse and I was surprised to find that I was able to curb my hunger with juice and spicy lemonade alone.  During the cleanse I lost several pounds, felt light, had more energy than I had expected and was really focused on my work.  I liked getting into a different routine and breaking old habits. I also liked trying new juices.  I was able to really nail down my external and internal triggers for food/feeling hungry which was really a great benefit that I would not have found if I had not done the cleanse.
I would definitely recommend doing a juice cleanse with Malissa!  She is very knowledgeable about the benefits of juicing as well as knowing how to do it even with a busy daily life. I was also very appreciative of her knowledge of how to handle problems as they arise!  Your support through the week was very awesome to have!  Thanks and you are the best!

Jess K., Austin TX.


As a first time juicer Malissa was incredibly helpful. With her email support before, during and after she guided me through it. Her recipes were delicious and shopping lists were very helpful.  Thanks for the challenge and great experience!

Mike P., Boston MA.


During my juice cleanse with Malissa I Lost 5 pounds, experienced true throat hunger (which is so good to identify and connect with), better mental clarity, body feels lighter (beyond the weight loss) and cleaner.  I loved that she provide a shopping list, variety of recipes and I love the spicy lemonade!!   It was so nice to ‘reboot’ and get in touch with ny body again.
Good to examine why and when I eat.  Am I really hungry or is this out of habit, or I deserve ‘a treat’ after working on this spreadsheet?
I would definitely recommend doing a cleanse with Malissa!  Her materials, recipes, support, and what to expect guided me through the process as a first time cleanser. She is so prepared/organized and available to support!

Patricia P., Austin TX.